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Industrial sector

Industrial sector

The industrial sector includes a group of factories that produce Saudi national products.

In addition to exporting to many countries. 


Industrial sector includes the following factories:

1 -              AL-KAWTHER Water Cooler :

- The factory specialized in water coolers production.

it's one of the most famous national Saudi factories in this field & our products are the most popular & reflect a good image of national Saudi industry.

To be in the biggest factories producing refrigerators in the middle east with the latest international specifications.





















2 -              AL-KAWTHER Desert cooler:

- Established in 2001 in the third industrial zone in Riyadh with a production capacity exceeding 30 thousand units annually, to be a starting point to the local market and middle east. 

The factory produces special types of air conditioners that operate with evaporation system, it's a high performance & fixable with different environment were controlling the level of humidity & Dry areas as well as savings in electricity consumption with ease of installation and use.

C -                        ALFURAT For Cooling:

- The factory was established more than 30 years ago to be the lead of exports.

The factory produces many different types of refrigerators with cooling & heating system,

such as refrigerators for displaying juices and milk, refrigerators for restaurants, closed and open refrigerators, confectioners & meat refrigerators, advertising refrigerators and manufacturing your custom cooling & freezers room system.

In addition to the implementation of designs and special sizes, using advanced manufacturing technology of refrigerators and freezers to be as international standards.























D -                  National Condensers Factory:

- Established since quarter century ago to complement the national industry of cooling & air conditioning in Saudi Arabia, instead of importing condensers from other countries.

The National Condensers factory is the first factory in Saudi Arabia producing  condensers and evaporators with a various sizes at the highest level of quality and performance.

it's also a big supplier to many factories, which consider the main core of A/C's & refrigerators production.





E -                Amjad Plastic Factory:

- Amjad Plastic Factory Specializes in Plastic parts & Structures production which used In air conditioners and refrigerators industry, in addition to the producing the packaging containers of the fertilizers.







F -                Amjad Molds Factory:

Amjad Molds Factory specialized in Molds production that enter into the plastic industry.

It's Produce customizable molds with different shapes at high quality.

The factory production  is the most important To be the essential phase in Plastic production.

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