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Agricultural sector

 Agricultural Sector


Hasad Al-Dahab Factory For Liquid Fertilizers:

It's one of the biggest fertilizers manufacturer which provide the farmers with the best fertilizers for plants with high quality and suitable prices.

We had imported the successful experiences from the international industry of fertilizers to be produced locally in Saudi Arabia with high standards.

The production lines installed by German company "Lachlon", which installed the Foxtail fertilizer production line in the factory and obtained the manufacturing franchise from the company, "Agro Comicos  (Coda)" Which has installed the organic fertilizer production line, in addition to "Desaroles" and others,

it is the only factory approved by the Saudi Industrial Fund in the field of fertilizers because it is characterized by a variety of products and comply with international standards.

Also the factory obtained the ISO certificate.

The sector also have many branches spread in Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Sudan under name of " Robo Al-Azhar ".

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