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Amjad Almutahidah Co.


Amjad Al Jazira Holding Company has achieved huge expansions, exporting its products to many neighboring countries in Gulf, Asian and African countries.

Our brands have a widely popularity among Arab consumers, we produce national & commercial products manufactured with high quality to meet the international standards.

In addition to providing maintenance and after-sales services which give the group a competitive advantage.

The company also have a transportation services through a huge number of vehicles, in addition to customer service to introduce the best express delivery services efficiently.


The company's branches are spread throughout Saudi Arabia, Egypt & Sudan to reach more than (40) branch to distribute a various company products under the name of " Riyadh Cooling & Conditioning " and "Robo_Al-Azhar ".

Amjad Al Jazira Holding is the leading local industry and international market of cooling & conditioning system & home appliances.



Our brands are:

1- National Production :  AL-KAWTHER Water Cooler - AL-KAWTHER Desert coolerALFURAT For Cooling & Heating  


2- Commercial Brands  : The most popular brand is BANCOOL, In addition to many other brands.

Amjad Al Jazirah Holding Company main sectors is:

1 - Commercial sector:

Which is based on choosing best quality products in the international market & introduce it to the local market 

we produce the cooling and air conditioning devices , home  appliances, restaurants catering equipment, shops, hotels and others. Producing various types of air conditioners, refrigerators and freezers, for home & commercial use such as for restaurants, shops Commercial, hotels, etc.,

we are the exclusive agency for all BANCOOL products in Saudi Arabia .

The sector also have many branches spread in Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Sudan under name of " Riyadh Cooling & Conditioning ".

2 - Industrial sector:


which includes the following factories:


A - AL-KAWTHER Water Cooler :

- The factory specialized in water coolers production.

it's one of the most famous national Saudi factories in this field & our products are the most popular & reflect a good image of national Saudi industry.

To be in the biggest factories producing refrigerators in the middle east with the latest international specifications.


B - AL-KAWTHER Desert cooler:

- Established in 2001 in the third industrial zone in Riyadh with a production capacity exceeding 30 thousand units annually, to be a starting point to the local market and middle east. 

The factory produces special types of air conditioners that operate with evaporation system, it's a high performance & fixable with different environment were controlling the level of humidity & Dry areas as well as savings in electricity consumption with ease of installation and use.

C - ALFURAT For Cooling & Heating:

- The factory was established more than 30 years ago to be the lead of exports.

The factory produces many different types of refrigerators with cooling & heating system,

such as refrigerators for displaying juices and milk, refrigerators for restaurants, closed and open refrigerators, confectioners & meat refrigerators, advertising refrigerators and manufacturing your custom cooling & freezers room system.

In addition to the implementation of designs and special sizes, using advanced manufacturing technology of refrigerators and freezers to be as international standards.

D - National Condensers Factory:
- Established since quarter century ago to complement the national industry of cooling & air conditioning in Saudi Arabia, instead of importing condensers from other countries.

The National Condensers factory is the first factory in Saudi Arabia producing  condensers and evaporators with a various sizes at the highest level of quality and performance.

it's also a big supplier to many factories, which consider the main core of A/C's & refrigerators production.


E - Amjad Plastic Factory:
- Amjad Plastic Factory Specializes in Plastic parts & Structures production which used In air conditioners and refrigerators industry, in addition to the producing the packaging containers of the fertilizers.

F - Amjad Molds Factory:

Amjad Molds Factory specialized in Molds production that enter into the plastic industry.

It's Produce customizable molds with different shapes at high quality.

The factory production  is the most important To be the essential phase in Plastic production.



3. Agricultural sector:

A - Hasad Al-Dahab Factory For Liquid Fertilizers:
It's one of the biggest fertilizers manufacturer which provide the farmers with the best fertilizers for plants with high quality and suitable prices.

We had imported the successful experiences from the international industry of fertilizers to be produced locally in Saudi Arabia with high standards.

The production lines installed by German company "Lachlon", which installed the Foxtail fertilizer production line in the factory and obtained the manufacturing franchise from the company, "Agro Comicos  (Coda)" Which has installed the organic fertilizer production line, in addition to "Desaroles" and others,

it is the only factory approved by the Saudi Industrial Fund in the field of fertilizers because it is characterized by a variety of products and comply with international standards.

Also the factory obtained the ISO certificate.

The sector also have many branches spread in Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Sudan under name of " Robo Al-Azhar ".


4 - Real Estate Sector:


The company has achieved successes according devoting the concept of development in real estate investment and developing its assets according to the latest marketing theories.


Amjad Al-Jazira  own Hotels located in the best rated area in Makkah :


A - Amjad Al Jazira Hotel:

offers air-conditioned rooms with free Wi-Fi. It also has a 24-hour front desk.

The Holy Al-Masjid al-Ḥarām mosque, is just 302 m away.

Rooms at Amjad come with simple furniture and a colorful carpeted floor. Each has a private bathroom with a shower. White walls and bold red curtains are part of the decor.

Second Ring Road, which offers easy access to Makkah’s center, is just minutes from Amjad Al Jazeera Hotel.

Free parking is available nearby

King Khalid International Airport is about a one hour drive away. 



B - Amjad Ajyad Hotel:

Just 7 minutes' walk from the Al-Masjid al-Ḥarām mosque,

Amjad Ajyad offers modern rooms with a flat-screen TV and free WiFi.

It has a 24-hour front desk, and several restaurants are within walking distance.

Decorated in warm colors, all rooms at Amjad Ajyad feature a flat-screen TV with satellite channels, a refrigerator and a wardrobe.

Each has a private bathroom with toiletries and a hairdryer. Carpeted floors, white linens, and wooden furniture are part of the modern decor.

Luggage storage and newspapers are available at reception.

King Abdul Aziz International Airport is 1 hour by car from Amjad Ajyad Hotel. 

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